Why understanding ingredients is important ?

Why understanding ingredients is important ?

Understanding bath and body product or for that matter even food is very tricky but necessary. Unless we understand how does these things work, we will not be able to make better choices. Every product is made up of several independent components (P.S.- I am intentionally not using the word molecules because it might sound too science fiction’ish). Every component plays different role on our body/skin. Its something like Vitamin C has a role different then Vitamin A or Sodium ions. In personal care products also, every ingredient is there for a reason. For instance in lotions, there are separate ingredients for nourishment, for attracting moisture, preventing moisture loss, preservative, extracts, emulsifier, skin feel, shelf life, fillers, thickeners, pH adjustors, label appeal and other miscellaneous ingredients to help prevent exact copying of the formula.

Similarly, in soaps whose main purpose is to remove dirt from skin we can get them made from detergents like SLS, SLES or we can also get soaps made with actual natural oils. Is it not interesting that the process of reaction of oil with a strong base is technically known as “saponification”.

Lip balms composition vary a lot. They may contain petroleum gel, Chemical sunscreen (like Homosalate, oxybenzone etc.), preservatives (like parabens, BHA, BHT etc.). Again there can be ways to avoid most of them and that what we do at Raganaturals here for you.

DO you know: Lip Balms at Raganaturals are carefully handcrafted with a bunch of butters, oils and beeswax.

OK so I do understand that many of these ingredients category is necessary for the application of that particular product but do we really need all the ingredient categories? So going forward, I will write about various categories in a bit detail to help you make your best choice.

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