From small beginnings

RaGa Naturals was founded by Dr. Garima, the scientist-mom with a passion for doing something out of the box for society.

After finishing her Ph.D. in Biotechnology, she joined a research group in New York City where she was able to broaden her horizons and knowledge. 

Now you must be wondering:“What’s the connection herebetweenBiotechnologyand Lotions?”

This connection came to fruition started after she became a mother to a beautiful boy in 2013. He had no issues except a very common one “very dry skin”. They tried many creams and lotions available in the market and tried to rule out for allergies, but nothing was working on him except steroid creams.

 One fine day while looking for new creams for him to try, she started reading out the ingredients and said to herself:

“Why am I applying so many chemicals on my child’s skinjust for the sake of skin feel?”

Yes, this was the actual moment of enlightenment for the inner scientist of a Mom. She started to read and understand the science behind bath and body products and start creating her own from scratch using basic and essential ingredients. She found out that 1 in 2 mommies suffer from their child having some skin issues.

This was enough to start her own personal care line, RaGa Naturals – handcrafted with love, minimalistic & using only the finest natural ingredients.

Our mission

Our mission at Raganaturals is to bring you the best natural personal care products that keeps you and our planet beautiful by using only the most pure ingredients and packaging our products responsibly – geared to minimise plastic waste.


We create natural handcrafted soaps, body lotions, lip balms that are good for your body and also nurture your spirit and soul. Each formula has been meticulously researched andfine tunedto include the finest natural ingredients.

We want you to feel pampered and indulged when using our bath and body products. So we create them with luxurious natural ingredients that soothe, soften, relax and renew.