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We handcraft natural lotions, creams, lip balms and soaps that nurture the body and soul

We handcraft natural soaps, lotions & lip balms that nurture the body and soul

  • Made with natural ingredients

  • No unnecessary ingredients or additives

  • Handcrafted with love

What our customers are saying

  • Becky Smith

    Los Angeles, CA
    "RaGa Naturals provide handmade, very natural, very honest products which is a dream come true!"

  • Kaylee Daniels

    Buffalo, NY
    "I love the lip balms...awesomely hydrating and moisturizing....long lasting even in the brutal cold weather of NY...the flavors are all very refreshing and not at all overpowering."

  • Lana Taylor

    Dallas, TX
    "Me, my husband & our kids are enjoying using RaGa products. Your special ingredient - "Love" takes over all the brands and ingredients used in them."

Meet Dr. Garima

The founder-mom of RaGa Naturals with a PhD in Biotechnology and a passion to make a change in the world.

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